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About LoyalPay

Focus on your Business - Leave the Tech to Us

Company history

More than just a terminal provider, LoyalPay offers full-spectrum services with out in-house partner Paynovate as well as complete terminal management with our native system manager.

Key Milestones

We’ve come a long way in the past decade, growing from a loyalty programme into an international CTAP payment terminal supplier.


  • Launch of Loyaltek


  • First Terminal Certified


  • 10.000+ Terminals Sold


  • 20.000+ Terminals Sold


  • 30.000+ Terminals Sold


  • 200M€+ / Month Acquiring

Meet the Loyaltek Group

Your Full-Service Finance Partner

Countries where we work

Our headquarters, which we share with the Loyaltek Group, is located in Brussels, Belgium. Hundreds of agents and merchants across Europe have already chosen us as their terminals partner: what are you waiting for? Join LoyalPay today.